Meditation Groups

Although I am not currently hosting any meditation groups, my hope is to start a new group in the early Summer. I will be facilitating a small group of 4, meeting weekly for 8 weeks at my Hillsborough location at Cedar Walk Wellness Center (either in the office or outside in the backyard, weather permitting). 

These groups will be an opportunity to grow and enrich your practice in a intimate setting with other sincere practitioners. 


Each group will evolve organically, but may include teachings and practices from a variety of traditions. Each group will have practice periods, time for sharing and questions/answers. 

A consultation will be required before joining a group. Please contact me to schedule a consultation. 


Areas of potential exploration/practice:


-Mindfulness of the body, feelings, and thoughts

-Insights into suffering, impermanence, and non-self

-Loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity, gratitude, and joy

-Meditations on the non-dual nature of awareness, where we allow everything to be as it is, and begin to sense the inseparable nature of all experience. 

These groups will be offered freely, and donations are welcome.