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Meditation Groups

Hosted by: Joe Gilbert


Third Saturday, Monthly

Cedar Walk Wellness Center


Free to Attend

Meditation Groups

On the third Saturday of each month from 9 to 10am, I will be available on the front porch of the Cedar Walk Wellness Center to gather with anybody who wants a place to rest and share with others in a welcoming environment.

These sessions often begin with a poetry reading followed by 10 minutes of shared silence. We then review mindful sharing guidelines before opening the group for reflections and questions. The group closes with a guided loving-kindness practice. 

During our time together, possible topics of exploration may be:


  • How to start and maintain a meditation practice

  • Common hindrances to meditation practice and how to work skillfully with them

  • Mindfulness of the body, feelings, and thoughts

  • Insights into suffering, impermanence, and non-self

  • Loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity, gratitude, and joy

These gatherings are open to the public. You may also want to grab coffee and a donut before or after we meet from Kim's Bake Shop around the corner. :)  


There is no fee to attend these sessions. 

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