Individual Meditation Support

"Not striving, not halting, I cross the flood. This is sublime, this is release."

-- Buddha

I offer guidance and support to individuals who wish to begin a mindfulness meditation practice. I am also available to support those who already have an established practice but may be having a challenging time. We will start right where you are. 

This service is separate from my counseling practice and is not for established counseling clients. It is recommended that you also work with a therapist who can help you process any lingering issues (especially trauma) that continue to arise in meditation. 


The meetings are approximately 45 minutes and focus specifically on your meditation practice and the hindrances that you are encountering. I will offer guided meditations and suggestions during our time together. 


The suggested donation for these sessions is $40-$80. Please contact me for additional information. 

I am an IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association) Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional Level and a graduate of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, accredited by the Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley.